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Hi.Have you met...


Martha is the founder of Nimbus. She trained in Acting and Contemporary Theatre at East 15 Acting School and has since written and performed in plays that have been performed in the West End, prestigious venues around the UK and in Europe. She has received five star reviews for her writing and recently named "one to watch" by The Stage.

Martha is now based  in Milton Keynes and has worked for christian organisations such as Spring Harvest,  New Wine, The Lacey Theatre Company and The Salvation Army. 

She is a drama facilitator, delivering creative workshops and community projects around the UK.


Martha is passionate about seeing revival through creative worship

in churches and the communities around them. 

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hi.have you met.


Imo is Nimbus Collective's illustrator who designed our logo for us. 

We thought we would have a catch up with her and ask her a few questions. Here's what she said...

  Hi Imo, Tell us a little about what you do...

Hey! I currently draw/illustrate/doodle in my free time amongst working with children and young people in residential care. The drawings that I do are mainly commissioned works, however I do have personal projects on the go, to which one is called 'Psalm-A-Day'. I illustrated an image for each chapter in Psalms as more of a personal spiritual thing. I'm not very good at words and thought drawing the psalms would be better than reading it and being bored by it (my concentration is the size of a pea, or a goldfish). I also love making things with my hands... baking, cooking, building stuff, and I'm the sort of person who loves building ikea furniture and not reading the instructions... Seriously, who reads the instructions?! Winging it is way better. 

  What is your passion when it comes to church?

I love people, and people on the fringe, and I believe that church is more the people than the building. To be fair, I find Gods presence more in my car or sat on the toilet than I do inside the construct of a building. I love chatting with people over coffee because it's an opportunity to catch up, support, welcome and dream big dreams with others. I am someone who wants to be able to help others find their God given creativity in themselves, and for people to understand that they have that. That's not just the initial thoughts that everyone goes to for creativity, like drawing, music, painting... I'm talking about the math matrix Ian's, the scientists, archaeologists, youth workers, tree huggers. There's a creative place for everyone, it's just helping them unravel the wool that have surrounded their hearts to show what they have been created to create. 

  Did you always think you were creative? 

I think a part of me has always known that I am creative, however in my family and my extended family, the word 'creative' or 'creativity' wasn't used, because everyone just got on with being themselves and who God has made them to be. My dad is a absolute wizard at maths, and it's natural to him, and he helps people with his gift. My mom is a nurse and she sees things differently to most other nurses and she helps people with that too. My grandma makes everything from scratch, if she's knitting or felting, cooking, or anything else. Grandad was a chiropractor and was always looking at alternative and creative ways to help others. So making things was normal, it's always been in my roots, we just never put a name to it because it was us.

  What three things you'd take to a desert island?

- Water bottle that filters out the bad shizzle 

- Bear Grylls (for survival advice and bantz)

- Multi-tool knife

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